35 Home Based Business Ideas You Can Start with No Money

35 Home Based Business Ideas You Can Start with No Money
35 Home Based Business Ideas You Can Start with No Money

With the Covid-19 pandemic, you may be among millions of people who find themselves working from home. And if you’re like me, you may be looking for a new home-based business idea or ways to make more money from home to supplement your income.

 I’ve built my businesses from home, and I’m telling you – there has never been a better time to figure out a new side hustle than now.

Below are 35 home based business ideas you can start with no money

#1. Tutoring Students

From primary school to high school to university, all of these age groups could use your help in specific subjects.

#2. Blogger

You can set up your blog online for free using a platform like WordPress and then earn an income through ads, sponsored content or product sales.

#3. Data Entry Provider

If you want to work with business clients, you can also easily offer data entry services without having to purchase any specialized equipment.

#4. Data Analysis Services

Are you good at statistics, mathematics, then consider starting analytic services? You can analyses data for students, institutions and get paid. The best part of all is that you need no office, just a laptop and some statistical tool such as SPSS, EXCEL, STATA, PYTHON, R etc.

#5. Online Researcher

You can also build a business by offering online research services. And all you need is a computer and internet connection.

#6. Ghost Writer

If you want to help authors or business owners that have commitments they can’t get to, you can offer your services as a ghostwriter to provide them with content to publish.

#7. Proofreader

Or you can offer simple proofreading services to authors, bloggers, students or others.

#8. Jewellery Designer

Handcrafted jewellery continues to be popular and if you can design and make pieces that are high quality and unique, people will buy them.

Once you’ve designed the jewellery, you’ll need to make it yourself for now and sell it. You can try flea markets and events, or even sell it online using a website.

#9. Handbag Design and Manufacturing

You can create and manufacture handbags from the comfort of your own home. You can start this on a part-time basis until you have enough orders to support you.

You can design and make the handbags and sell them directly to customers using a website, or you can sell them at flea markets and community gatherings.

#10. Clothing Designer

There is always a demand for new types of clothing, new styles and never seen before designs. If you love making clothes for yourself, why not make them for someone else and turn your passion into a full-time gig?

You’ll need to approach retailers who sell clothing that is similar to your designs. Alternatively, you could launch a website and start an online clothing store yourself.

#11. Sewing Classes

If you can sew at a professional level, you can offer to teach others.

You can advertise your classes on various fabric and hobby stores. You can have beginner, intermediate and advanced classes to ensure you have repeat customers.

#12. Hair Stylist

Hairstylist curls straighten and braid hair, amongst other things. You can offer your expertise to customers who want to look nice for their special events or competitions.

Offer your services at schools for matric dances, at dancing competitions and for private functions, until you have a big enough customer base to support you.

#13. Professional Make-Up Artist

Considering how many new make-up products have come out in recent years, customers are struggling to keep up and may need professional assistance.

You can offer your services for parties, events and competitions. Continue to take courses and learn new techniques to offer a quality service to your customers.

#14. Wigs, Weaves and Hair Extensions

Wigs, weaves and hair extensions are very popular among women for various reasons. If you can manufacture high-quality wigs, weaves and hair extensions you can tap into this growing market.

You’ll need to determine if you’re going to make synthetic or artificial and human hair extensions. Once you’ve decided this you’ll need to source the raw materials and equipment you’ll need for production.

#15. YouTubers

A YouTuber also called a YouTube personality is someone who has gained popularity from their videos on YouTube.

The more followers and subscribers you have on your YouTube channel the more you can get paid for advertising. Majority of YouTubers make money from affiliated marketing, this is when they advertise something naturally and get paid by the company for mentioning the product during a video.

#16. Video Editing

Video is fast becoming the new medium to reach customers no matter which industry you’re in. As a video editor, you can help businesses reach new customers with a high-quality video message.

You can start this business from home with the right computer and software. Reach out to businesses looking to expand into video products or adverts.

#17. Social Media Influencer

A social media influencer is someone who uses social media and has established credibility in a specific industry. An influencer tends to have a large engaged audience and can persuade others because of their authenticity and reach.

First, you’ll need to gather a large audience on one or more social media platforms. Once you reach a certain number of follower’s advertisers will begin to pay you to advertise their products. Just ensure you only choose products you authentically use, or you could lose followers.

#18. Social Media Manager

You can also build a business by managing social media accounts for other businesses.

#19. Freelance SEO writer

Search Engine Optimisation has become the new strategy to drive traffic to an article and a website. Businesses are realising the importance of this and are starting to hire writers to optimise the content of their websites.

Contact businesses and write SEO content for them to optimise and increase the traffic to their website. You can advertise your services on social media and online.

#20. Offer A Graphic Design Training Programme

If you’re good at graphic design and you want to share your skills with others, you can offer a graphic design training programme.

Approach schools and universities to offer a programme or just to advertise for those looking to learn graphic design.

#21. Website Designer

Designing websites continue to be a growing field internationally. Considering how many potential clients check websites before they purchase, businesses want to have engaging and user-friendly websites.

Approach businesses and explain to them why they need to improve their website. Once you’ve done enough website designs you can use them as examples for potential clients.

#22. Buying And Selling Domain Names

You can buy domain names (website addresses) you think will become popular and sell them after they become popular.

After doing some thorough research you can start buying and listing domain names. If you’re getting it right, you could make a significant amount of money reasonably quickly.

#23. Building Apps

The demand for new and creative apps is higher than ever before. People use countless apps daily. Taking the time to develop and sell smartphone apps can be a lucrative business idea.

The apps cost almost nothing to develop and don’t involve any additional overhead costs, which expands your overall profit margin. Well, performing apps can make thousands in ad revenue each month, making them a great form of passive income.

#24. Real Estate Photo Service

Real estate agents and homeowners need to advertise their homes, but not everyone is good at angling the picture right or making sure there’s enough light. This is where you come in.

You can start this business at home helping real estate agents and homeowners to professionally market their properties. Promote your services to property agents and on property advertising platforms to help homeowners sell their homes.

#25. Wedding Photographer

a wedding photographer takes pictures of the bride and groom in nature, the photographer in action

You can either be a wedding photographer, or you can start an agency that represents wedding photographers. This will depend on your skillset and level of expertise.

If you want to start an agency, you can launch a website that features wedding photographers and their work. The photographers would then pay you a small fee to be represented on the website.

If you want to be a wedding photographer, you’ll need to advertise with wedding-related businesses, or partner with wedding venues as part of a package for wedding parties.

#26. Walking Tours

Tourists want genuine experiences and you can offer them this by taking them on a walking tour of your area and showing them your favourite areas and hidden gems that show off your city or area.

You’ll need to compile an easy, medium and more strenuous length walking tour that shows off the best parts of your city. Prepare what you’ll say, and the facts and stories associated with each place.

#27. Event Planning

If you’re organised and also can come up with creative and unique events, you should try offering an event planning service

You should offer to plan events for people and businesses you know or places you visit frequently. The more successful events you pull-off the easier it will be for you to find clients.

#28. Party Clean-up Services

No one wants to clean-up after a party. You can offer a clean-up service for those who need a little help.

You can offer to do the dishes, launder linen and clean floors after a party. Advertise your services to party planners and other party services. Launch a website and promote your services on social media and online.

#29. Translators

There will be tourists coming to South Africa that don’t speak any of the local languages or don’t speak them well enough to get around. If you speak quite a few languages, you can offer your services to help tourists get around easily.

You can advertise your services to those coming to visit South Africa or you could offer your services to businesses who deal with travelling dignitaries or companies interfacing with international markets.

#30. Resume Writer

If you want to help job seekers succeed, you can offer your services as a resume writer or editor right from your home.

#31. Business Plan Writer

Every business needs a business plan to run smoothly and to stay on track. You can work one-on-one with entrepreneurs who have great ideas, that need your help, to be organised into a strategic plan.

#32. Online English Teacher

Numerous countries are looking for English teachers, which has given rise to online teaching platforms that allow people to teach a second language online from anywhere in the world.

If you have a TEFL Certificate, are studying in English or are an experienced English teacher, you can teach English to second-language speakers across the world.

#33. Cook for people

If you’re good at cooking food in bulk and you’re good at making food that freezes well, you can sell home-cooked pre-made meals.

#34. Dietitian / Diet Planner

Many people are looking for weight loss programmes and requiring custom meals according to their physical body type and weight loss goals. If you’re a certified dietitian this could be a business opportunity for you.

#35. Wedding Coordinator

Planning a wedding requires a lot of work and organizational skills. Many couples hire a wedding coordinator to manage the many details of the event. You can do much of that work from home if you enjoy organizing events. With hard work, you eventually will build a network and generate word of mouth for a successful business.

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[…] 35 Home Based Business Ideas You Can Start with No Money […]


How do we get in contact with people who need some of these services like data entry


[…] 35 Home Based Business Ideas You Can Start with No Money […]


[…] 35 Home Based Business Ideas You Can Start with No Money […]


[…] 35 Home Based Business Ideas You Can Start with No Money […]

Fonda Magdalene

Waooh!! I love this piece. It has open my mind to a whole lot of business ideas.


[…] 35 Home Based Business Ideas You Can Start with No Money […]


[…] 35 Home Based Business Ideas You Can Start with No Money […]